spurious relations thrive


Every day singlewordmedia collects lines from media from all over the country. It then splits de lines into words. 

The occurence of each word is counted, and divided by the total number of words that day. 

Let’s call that the ‘word value’.

That word value is compared to its multi-day average, to see if it is trending up or downwards.

Let us call that the ‘trending word value’.

Now singlewordmedia takes a second look at the collected lines. Each word in a line is given its trending word value.

The trending word values of all the words in a line are added together.

Let us call that the “line’s trending value” or the “score””.

All lines are sorted by their score. 

Above 1 a line is trending up.

The higher the sore, the more up trending a line is.

Between zero and 1,  a line is trending down. 

The biggest losers are closest to zero.